Board Game

During my first day on my new games design course, I have been introduced to a project. I have first been asked to create characters by writing the descriptions of the characters and including sketches. I had ideas like Human Male that can morph into a beast and also a Werewolf, a dragon elemental mage, a dwarf and also a different Human which has religious views and powers of Heaven and Hell. Then I thought of a fairy which reminds me of Navi from the Legend of Zelda, this is the idea that I like the most as it steps away from the human form and has more of a fantasy vibe to it.

I have also been asked to think of a place where our character can come from. I have thought of the generic things like forests and mountains but it wasn’t as detailed as my last idea, which was a city under the sea. It only comes out once every Double Moon (Full moon in my idea’s world) I do like the design for it because there is a possibility of turning it into a board for a board game.

I then have been asked to put all of our ideas and create the board game using the characters we designed. It has to be an 8×8 board. My idea was to turn it into a “King of the Hill” The idea is for a player to have all 4 of his/hers characters at the top of the hill. The board gets smaller the further up you go, using a simple assembly of the boards using wooden poles (?) that would slot in to the boards making then stable. A player would be able to get character powers and cards which can be used to defeat the player if one player wants to take their space at the top of the hill.


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