Board Game – Character and Environment Development


This is a quick page that I have done for my Fairy character named “Ö” I have asked people from my class as to what I should name my character. The name Ö was more fitting because of the simplicity which links to the design itself. I chose the colour blue as the character has been raised by the spirits of air and water. The character can change it’s colour depending on the mood. Ö also uses his arms as wings

  • Blue – Neutral
  • Yellow – Happy
  • Orange – Tired / Annoyed
  • Red – Furious
  • Purple – Confused / Faint
  • Dark Green – Scared


I have started sketching few ideas for the environment. This is a carry on of the idea from before. I have started with the top of the tower, and because our board game does look like a pyramid I decided to follow the pyramid design. I have sketched the “throne” room. I decided to improve the crystal from my previous design. Right now, the crystal plays the main role in the game as this is the object that all the players are fighting for. The crystal is also used as an icon at the back of the cards.


I have then proceeded to designing the other tiers of the environment for the board game. The top one is the throne room from the image before, which is the main goal for the player. Then level before the throne room is the “Sky Top Terrace” which is in the clouds, then the next tier down is “The Gardens”, I added vines and flowers to fir the description of the area. At the very bottom is the “Dungeon”, full of cracks in the pavement and chains. All together they make the environment for the board game called “Hill Royale”


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