Infographic: Antagonist Research #1

I have started doing some research for the infographic project. We all had to roll a dice in order to get a title for out project, I got the Iconic Antagonists. We had a choice of making a Video/Presentation, an Infographic or a Board Game.

The very first thing that I have done was to look for things like top 10 antagonists in video games.

I will put these character from the video in the chronological order.

  • Bowser – Super Mario series (1985-)
  • Gannondorf – The Legend of Zelda series (1986-)
  • M.Bison – Street Fighter series (1987-)
  • Dr. Albert W. Wily – Mega Man series (1987-2010)
  • Captain LeChuck – Monkey Island series (1990-2010)
  • Dr. Eggman – Sonic the Hedgehog series (1991-)
  • Shao Kahn – Mortal Combat series (1992-)
  • Kefka Palazzo – Final Fantasy VI (1994)
  • Arthas – Warcraft series (1994-)
  • Kane – Command and Conquer series (1995-2010)
  • Albert Wesker – Resident Evil series (1996-)
  • Revolver Ocelot – Metal Gear Solid series (1998-)
  • GLaDOS – Portal series (2007-)
  • Illusive Man – Mass Effect series (2007-)
  • Handsome Jack – Borderlands 2 (2012)
  • Vaas Montenegro – Far Cry 3 (2012)

These are just the characters included in the video.

I am planning on including some primary research which would help me with this project. The most easiest thing to do would be to ask my friends on Facebook about who they think the most iconic video game antagonist is.


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