Hill Royale (Prototype)


This was the plan of the board game that we’ve wrote on a white board with the help of our tutor. It has all the details that have helped us to create the prototype of our board game. We thought of character names and classes, the counters, the board shape itself, character cards, active cards, buff cards, passive cards, object cards, monsters, traps, hit point counters, elemental advantages and disadvantages and the main goal. In the end we have noticed that few rules didn’t particularly made any sense, or at least they were difficult to understand. But in the end the rules were simplified to make the board game more playable.


This is the prototype of the board game. It has 4 tiers, you begin at the bottom tier which is the Dungeon tier, in order to move up a tier you have to defeat 3 monsters or a player, in order to defeat a player you have to go all the way around at least once. When you encounter a monster or a player on the first tier you have to roll a 4 sided dice (d4), the first roll is the player’s and the second roll is the monster’s. If a player rolls higher than the monster the player instantly kills the monster (e.g Player rolls 3 and monster rolls 2.) Although if a player rolls lower than the monster, the player looses hit points based on the difference of the numbers (e.g player rolls 1 and the monster rolls 4, the player then looses 3 hit points.) If the roll ties then you have to wait until another turn to try and defeat the monster again, (You can’t move on until the monster is defeated.) In order to win you have to either be the last man standing or you have to get to the throne room and stand on one of the crown tiles for at least 3 of your turns.

In order to encounter a player you have to stand on the same tile as a different player. On the first tier you still roll a d4, only the player that made a turn and landed on a different player can attack, the other one can only defend itself by making a counter roll, if it rolls lower then the player, the player who counter rolled looses Hit Points, if the player rolls higher then nothing happens and the players have to move on. (The defender cannot attack the attacker unless the defender lands on a tile of the attacker during one of his turns.)


  • Dungeon – D4
  • Gardens – D6
  • Sky Top Terrace – D8
  • Throne Room – D6 (If the player engages in a battle)

There are also cards that can be used during a battle or when outside of the battle. Active cards are basically spells that allow you to attack a player, normally they are ranged which means that you can attack a player standing few tiles away from you. (Active cards have a set damage point which means that a player cannot roll to defend against an active card, although there are few exceptions.) A player can only have 1 active card at a time. Each active card has an element which can raise the damage or lower the damage depending on who you attack. Using an active card costs a turn which means you can use a card but you can’t move your character afterwards.

Active Cards

  • Fire Ball – 3 Damage within 3 tiles on the same line – Fire
  • Ice Shard – 2 Damage, can freeze an opponent (if the opponent rolls lower than 4 upon defending), loose a turn, attack on the same line – Water
  • Rock Fist – 4 Damage, has to stand next to your opponent’s tile – Earth
  • Air Blast – 2 Damage, Teleports the opponent to the nearest monster blip – Air
  • Dragon Strike – 2 Damage, for 1 turn the opponent takes double damage, has to stand next to your opponent’s tile – Melee
  • Arcane Barrage – Can choose up to 3 targets, 1 bolt = 1 damage, has to be on the same line as the opponent (if there is only 1 opponent on the same line all 3 bolts hit that opponent. If there are 2 opponents on the same line, the caster chooses which opponent takes the damage – Arcane
  • Trap Mine – 5 Damage, plant a mine on the tile you’re standing on. When a player lands on that mine the player then looses hit points – Mech

Before the start of a game a player has to choose a character, each character is special in a different way, some have more useful abilities depending on the situation you’re in. They all seem to be balanced enough, all abilities require 3 special ability counters (You gain 1 ability counter for every turn up to 3 at max) Also all characters have different elements which puts them at an advantage or a disadvantage.


  •  Technomancer – Air/Mech
  • Ö – Air/Arcane
  • Keith of trade – Earth/Mech
  • Staffed Wizard – Water/Arcane
  • Chainsaw Bob – Fire/Mech
  • Grievous Webb – Water/Melee
  • The Rogue – Air/Melee
  • Babushka – Earth/Melee
  • Vex – Earth/Arcane
  • Flesh Reaver – Fire/Melee


  • Fire -> Earth
  • Earth -> Air
  • Air -> Water
  • Water -> Fire
  • Melee -> Arcane
  • Arcane -> Mech
  • Mech -> Melee

Buff/Passive Cards

These cards are special in their own way, at first we wanted to have cards that would raise the elemental advantage for one use only but that did get a bit too complicated, I thought of an idea to have the Buff card give you an option of rolling twice and choosing the highest number that you’ve rolled to go with. Passive card would be similar but it would be used when defending against an attack, so you can roll twice and choose the highest number as well. In order for a player to obtain a card a player must stand on a “Roll a picture dice” tile which then you will have a chance of rolling for either an Active, Passive, Buff or Object card.

Object Cards

Object cards are various cards that can help you out during the game. You can either obtain a trap card or a healing card. Healing cards heal you for full health although object cards can only be used on tiles marked with a question mark, Healing object cards can only be used on yourself, where as the trap cards stay on that specific tile until someone stands on it, it can even affect the player that has planted a trap there in the first place.


There are different monster types with different abilities that you can encounter during the game when you stand on a monster blip. These will be prepared before the game starts, cards will be shuffled and placed on their corresponding tiles. There is also a chance that you might get a potion instead of a monster which can heal you for half of your max hit points. We are still unsure on how to work the monsters around properly yet, but I’m thinking that there could be many monster cards and when someone defeats one, the defeated card goes at the bottom of the monster deck and that’s how it can all be replenished.

  • Potion – Half Regeneration
  • Goblin
  • Bandit
  • Wolf
  • Bear
  • Dragon

So far this is what we have for this game, we did have a test game and there were few problems that we encountered as a team. The main problem was working around the rules which had to be changed during the game play. No one managed to get to the 3rd tier of the board game, seems like it was far too difficult, this could be changed by adjusting the way monsters deal damage, or to change the amount of monsters a player needs to defeat in order to move up a tier. The board itself consists of too many blank spaces which makes the game very time consuming, but not in a good way as the players don’t do anything other than move around blank spaces, this can be changed by generating some new tiles or filling the spaces with already existing tiles.



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