The Hepworth Gallery & National Media Museum

img_20160914_200037403On the 14th of September we have had our very first trip to the Hepworth Gallery and the National Media Museum. I have been there before so I sort of knew what to expect although I was pleasantly surprised because I have seen things that I haven’t seen there before. For example the clown! I did find it very fascinating so I stood outside of the gallery for about 30 minutes sketching it down. When I was doing that I just had so many ides for games, and also for few adjustments for other games too. Especially for Pokémon and an evolution of the infamous Mr.Mime!

Anyway, we did have a task whilst we were there, which was to find things that could influence us for games design reasons. So things like environments, character designs, or quirky and creepy things like that clown. Unfortunately I couldn’t find out who actually made it but whoever did is a genius!

The very first pieces that caught my attention as we walked into the gallery were these 3 prints. I just love the colours and how bright it all looks. These pieces were done by an artist called David Hockney and they’re called The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate. The most interesting thing that I have found about these prints is that they have been made digitally on an iPad and to be fair you can tell when you get up close to it, because I did use different apps on my phone and the brush strokes are always similar to one another, so you can actually see the strokes and it looks amazing in my opinion. It just looks like a beautiful illustration for an environment for a game. The description of these pieces explains why the artist used an iPad to draw these pieces. “Hockney drew these works on an iPad in the open air, adopting the new technology to allow greater spontaneity in capturing the vivid light and colours, in this case, during the arrival of Spring.” Hockney basically wanted to go with the flow and be more modern with his work, or at least with these pieces and he seems to be successful with it.

We have also came across these amazing and quite large oil paintings. These painting were done by an artist called Philip Reinagle. I couldn’t believe at first that you can get this sort of an effect with oil paints on canvas, To me it all just looks like a photograph of an existing place, but instead it is just a painting drawn whilst looking at the buildings from a distance, but still keeping the details in it. I especially like what the artist did with the water reflections as it looks unbelievably real. Once again this could be used in a game for a more Victorian or Medieval environment. The only painting that I didn’t feel to positive about was the one with just the beige chapel, which I assume is the Chantry Chapel, it just looks a bit empty, as if not much is going on in the painting, which makes it less exciting than the other paintings.


As we made our way deeper into the gallery I first came across this interesting object. I am not entirely sure as of what it was but it sure was interesting because of the amount of things it could be in my eyes. It could be a tower of some sort, a weapon, a stylised tree or even a monster of some sort, or just simply a piece of wood. Then I noticed something else in a different room, it was a towering thing made out of metal, it looks like wings or an inside of a magical tower from one of the Elder Scrolls series. This piece is actually called the “Winged Figure” which is made out of aluminium. It just looks amazing and there are many possibilities of what it could be inside of a game. Either a set of wings, or a part from a space ship, anything really. Could even be a shield.

That was everything that I could find interesting in my opinion in the Hepworth Gallery, but it was worth going there as probably if I’ll go again I’ll see something new and different that I haven’t noticed in there before.


Next stop was the National Media Museum in Bradford. I have been there before twice so I knew where things were and obviously everyone rushed to the top floor to the gaming section! They had various games and consoles and it was really interactive as we could play img_20160914_132903194those games! Well… apart from the PS1 as that was just not working at all. Even though I have been there before I never paid too much attention to everything, and I have found something out that I didn’t know before. I didn’t know the names of the ghosts from Pac-Man… Blinky, Inky, Pinky and Clyde. This can link well to my iconic antagonists project. Anyway, there were a lot of cool things over there that I did find useful and enjoyed and was quite entertaining.

This image is actually me taking a picture of myself on the wall, this I am not sure what it is but it looks cool, it copies all of your moves and basically goes all around you. So I have been standing in the same position as I’ve seen my sprite being projected on the wall from a 360 degree angle.


img_20160914_133429552I have also played Donkey Kong with my friend, so the reason this is upside down is because it was her turn, after all I didn’t want to loose! And I didn’t but neither did she, we tied cause we both were bad at it. This actually makes me wonder, why do the old games were made to be challenging and these days the only challenging games you can think of are the Dark Souls series. And back then there was no difficulty setting, you basically play what you get. I have seen this happen throughout other games too like Pokémon for example. Pokémon Yellow is basically a pain sometimes but the most recent one like Alpha Sapphire is just a cake walk, and no it’s not cause I’m older and I know more, as the last time I have played Pokémon Yellow was few weeks ago! Although I do believe that even the older games did have a scaling difficulty, so it did start easy-ish and then it got harded, as with Donkey Kong, the lower you are the more time you have to realise where the barrels will go, where as if you’re at the very top, well… you just have to be lucky to not get hit!

These pieces of work! These pieces! Because I do come from an illustrative sort of background when it comes to games design (my previous college didn’t teach us any software for 3D modelling or anything like that!) I have found these really helpful, I sometimes happen to struggle with the depth of my drawings when I do draw in the cartoony sort of style. But these drawings have all got something in common. And it’s not just the style or the artist.

img_20160914_135915504All of the main things that are happening are in these pieces are actually done in layers. I personally think that this is such a clever idea of adding depth and shadows to a drawing, just layer it. I do believe that it would involve working on glass though or some see through material that would allow the effect to take place. But it is a very clever and cool trick in my opinion.


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