Game Mechanics: Cascading Information

The theory that information should be released in the minimum possible snippets to gain the appropriate level of understanding at each point during a game narrative.

Example: showing basic actions first, unlocking more as you progress through levels. Making building on SCVNGR a simple but staged process to avoid information overload.

Today we have been told about the 24 different game mechanics although we are splitting them over the time of 6 weeks. Our tutor showed us his website which has all of them listed and explained so I can use that as a reference and maybe even research into them a bit later on in my own time.

The Cascading Information mechanic in video games is basically any sort of pop up message you get whilst playing the game in let’s say a tutorial. The intent of this sort of mechanic is to feed the player little bits of information at a time whilst they do a specific thing. Let’s say in Kingdoms of Amalur, as soon as you start the game, the game pauses and it explains the controls. Then as you go along it stops again and tells you about how to sprint, block attacks, stealth, shoot a bow, or use magic.

Another example is in any sort of game where you level up and it tells you about skill points and such you get a message saying you’ve got “this”, and then it disappears. As you can see on the image below.


There are also “tutorial” like information which look similar in a way to the previous image.14449844_1788543971389423_4072941016176300550_nAs you can see there is more information in here this time, but it is still enough to make the viewer not having to focus on it too much but it still gets informed about specific things happening that might help the player out in the later game.

img_20160926_182826979If I were to create a game I would obviously include some sort of quick tutorials that would introduce even a new player to the game anyway. Like with this image that took me less than a minute to draw! There is a pause sing in there which means that during the tutorial the game will pause, and it tells you how to use the basic combo in the description too.




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