Game Mechanics: Points

The mechanics for points are basically the oldest things ever in games. Points are displayed on screen by the game in numbers which indicate which player has how many points and which player is winning. In the very first games it was all about points, there wasn’t mudownloadch of a story line, just points which like I said; made the winner. The oldest game anyone can think of that had points was Pong. Then there were games like Super Mario which still had points and scores but also had a story line. Yet people still played it for the highest scores rather than actually completing the game.



As you can see this game does have points at the top left corner of the screen. It is only there to show the high scores when the player dies. I remember when I used to play and compete with my dad and my brother on this game. It was about who gets the highest amount of points. I remember everyone rushing to the secret levels and I was like… Well… I might as well get some points and go steady on all of this.


If I was to make a game I would definitely have some sort of point system which would be helpful as I would make it be used for purchasing things like equipment, but it still adds to your total in the summary screen of the game. For some reason all of the ideas I’m thinking of could just link to any RPG game as that is what I’d love to ultimately create, but I’d do whatever the client asks of me when it comes to making games. After all I might just become a concept artist anyway since for now I find drawing most comfortable.


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