Gamers of China

We have recently had our very first CATS session, and no it is not about Cats… unfortunately, but I will still leave the featured picture of a cat for CATS posts cause why not!? Until someone says I can’t do it. Anyway, we were discussing the amount of people that play games and we came across a statistic about Gamers from China. I can’t exactly remember what percentage it was exactly but I think that it was about 20-25% of a specific age range which I think was 12-18. Then the discussion started between me and one of my class mates. I made an assumption that the stats would be much lower because of the strict education system and cultural beliefs. Where as my class mate said that the stats will be much higher because of how advanced the country itself is. As far as I can remember the statistic we have been looking at were from the 2014 which was 2 years ago.

Back in 2000 China has actually banned video games because they were concerned that children were wasting time playing video games. It was possible for people in China to buy consoles like Play Station and XBox although it was from the so what called “Grey Market” Although it does seem that most of the games played in China are actually mobile games which funnily enough were not banned at all. These websites also state that the sales of games were obviously not good when it came to the profit from years 2000 up to when they lifted the ban which was 2014/2015, and even though the ban has been lifted it is not expected for the sales to go much higher since their games sales were always “sluggish“.

It turns out that the numbers of Chinese gamers actually surpases the total number of American citizens! According to the researchers of EEDAR. I guess that this means that the percentage is in fact higher than what we have been shown on the last CATS  session. As you can tell I really struggle with research that does not make sense to me, I will have to speak to my tutor about it and just explain my struggles.

My class mate just messaged me on Facebook about me stressing out with this research and he said this:”The statistics sally presented to us are a nightmare without context or an explanation of how and when they were conducted, I can’t take any of them seriously outside of hypotheticals.

The china question though, I wasn’t aware the console ban in china even existed. It makes sense though, the eastern markets have had a preference towards pc games for the longest time. We get the majority of the more nefarious f2p business practices from that market. The population is too poor to afford subscription models for the most part. Even World of Warcraft has to operate differently, You pay in minutes instead of months, this is emphasized by their internet cafe culture.

TLDR. It’s different, so different you need to completely change the way your business deals in their country.


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