Perspective & Pareidolia Drawings

Today our tutor showed us the art of perspective drawings. And oh dear god. I mean the spheres were all cool but then the 2 point perspective took place which I am familiar with although I never knew about the things we’ve learned today. You can basically block out any shape of any other shape using other shapes! And that is what confused me. I did try to draw along with my tutor as he was explaining things but I think that I just got too confused and got lost… I roughly know what to do so I will have to practice in my own time!

img_20160928_170004Then we moved on to the organic shapes, or just doodles to be fair and, well that blew my mind. At first I did struggle (I still do a little) but it seems that I am getting better at it. It’s just putting your eye into gear and actually seeing the things you don’t normally see in these sorts of things. I love it how my explanations probably aren’t making any sense! Basically we had to draw any sort of “blob” shape and then add the contour lines showing how it can be seen in 3D perspective. Some of them look alright and some are just crying for help. This is yet another thing that I will have to practice in my own time!


Then we had the best thing to do ever! We were doing the Pareidolia drawings. “Pareidolia is a type of apophenia, which is a more generalized term for seeing patterns in random data. Some common examples are seeing a likeness of Jesus in the clouds or an image of a man on the surface of the moon.” img_20160928_165948So we had to draw squiggles and then find shapes in them. This is my attempt at it and I have used orange chalk like thing to draw these out and I didn’t think it through properly as I turned orange after using it. But this was my very first attempt and I wanted to draw things like objects for environments or creatures. And it sort of worked, but then it didn’t. My friend looked at one of the ones I’ve already outlined and she looked at it from an upside down view and told me that one of them looks like some sort of space station (bottom right corner) but it is upside down. So I just drew some windows on it and went along with it because now when I look at it, it actually does look like a space station of some sort. I did enjoy this exercise but I didn’t enjoy the outcome that I got from it. But I didn’t give up and made another one which I have spent a bit more time on. And I was very pleased with how the next ones came out.

This is my collection of Pareidolia creatures! Even though I did want to do objects and in the end it did look like an object, well a plant but it sort of looks like a weird fantasy like style boat. At first I didn’t like it at all, because it just reminded me of the previous ones that I’ve done. But when I started adding outlines to the thinner squiggles itself it just started looking all nice and stylised. This is definitely a technique I will use quite often because like out tutor said, it is a nice way of keeping the page busy and not blank even during a thinking process because more than likely you can get a fairly good idea from it! Oh and I got praised for the very first time and I felt like I could cry! Apparently the flower/boat one is very well rendered!


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