Infographic: Iconic Antagonists

bowserBowser also known as King Koopa was first introduced in the very first Mario game. The Super Mario Bros. from 1985. Ever since he was trying to kidnap Princess Peach although Mario always succeeds with saving her.


Next up is the handsome Ganondorf! Ganondorf is the main antagonist from the Legend of Zelda franchise. The first game came out in the 1986 even though the final boss was Ganon, he was in fact in a different form. It was his demonic porcine form but I did choose to draw him in his “Gerudo” form. Ganon or Ganondorf is always trying to get his hands on the triforce of courage and wisdom, as he has the triforce of power himself


m-bisonNext one is M. Bison from Street Fighter.  “M. Bison is the leader and creator of Shadaloo, an elusive criminal and military organization. Bison has been working on a lethal, mysterious energy that greatly increases his fighting ability, what he refers to as “Psycho Power”. He trained along with two other unknown students and learned the Psycho Power to become more powerful and achieve his aspirations of world domination.



dr-wilyDr. Albert W. Wily, or just Dr. Wily for short, is an antagonist from the MegaMan series.He is the one that has created all of the viruses which you have to defeat in order to copy their power and save the world.

dr-eggmanDr. Eggman, or Dr. Robotnik. Dr. Eggman is a well known villain among many players. Eggman is always on the hunt for the Chaos Emeralds in order to gain enough power to destroy the world.

shao-kahnShao Kahn -Mortal Combat “Possessing immense strength and boundless knowledge of the dark arts, Shao Kahn rules Outworld with merciless brutality. He desires nothing less than the total subjugation of all realms, so that they may be united under his own do minion.

kefkaKefka Palazzo. Kefka is a villain from the Final Fantasy VI game, he destroys the world at the beginning of the game.frostmourne

Arthas from the Warcraft series was originally a protagonist, until he decided to wield the cursed blade known as Frostmourne. Then Arthas became the Lich King..

blueBlue, he is not much of an antagonist but more of a rival, becomes a Champion before you do which results in you battling him as the final battle.

giovaniGiovanni. Giovanni is in fact the main antagonist of the Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow version. Giovanni is the leader of the Team Rocket which causing mischief over the region.


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