3D Modelling

Today was the first physical 3D session. We first had to go out and get some materials like clay, card, craft knives etc. And then we had to create anything, be it a character bust, an object, a vehicle, a building etc. I wanted to do characters but in the end I decided on an environment.redo

This is a run down pathway leading to some sort of city, which has been taken over by bandits. So I’ve done a simple path and added some wooden spikes by using toothpicks. I also added one of my previous pareidolia designs into this model. During the process I did change the design up a bit, which gave the model more of a fantasy look. I wanted to try and paint it digitally and make it look cell-shaded. I have found this easy step by step guide on the internet.


This is the outline of the object.


And this is the finished digital model which looks cel-shaded. I do really like this way of working as in my opinion it looks like a successful concept or at least a part of a bigger concept sheet. Next step would be to add colours to the image.


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