Game Adaptation: Japanese Horrifying Spirits

We have been given a task of coming up with ideas for a game by looking at already existing media. I decided to look into mythologies. I am first planning on thinking of the Japanese mythologies with monsters as I do have a 2D side scroller game in my mind which will be a bit of a horror game too. I’m not sure if it will be an open world game or just a game with stages. The monsters will only be used for boss purposes as the basic enemies can be little flames or ghosts that can be associated with the Japanese mythology.

This project puts everyone into the shoes of different people working on a professional game. I will be the story designer, the concept artist, the director and producer etc. This will show us what each role does and maybe help us decide with what we would want to do in the Games Design industry.

I have found this website where a guy called Rob Bricken talks about the top 14 horrifying spirits and demons.

1. Kama Itachi


Kama Itachi is a spirit that takes a form of a weasel, 3 weasels in fact. They all travel together and attack people. The first Kama Itachi knocks the victim on the ground. The second Kama Itachi uses a powerful force to slice off the legs of the victim. And the third Kama Itachi heals the wounds immediately. It is said that they work with such precision that no blood can be seen being spilled and it happens so instantly that the victim doesn’t know that anything has happened and feels like the victim just tripped over.

For the game idea this could be a boss fight where it is the main character against 3 weasels that take turns fighting. They could also have a special attack where they slow down the time or stun you which then results in them knocking you to the ground, the second one dealing fatal damage which slows down your speed for the rest of the battle making it harder to avoid the attacks and the third one will heal the effects after a while.

2. Jorōgumo


Jorōgumo is a giant spider that can transform itself into a human form. Once they reach the age of 400 years they stop feeding on insects and instead feed on human prey. They normally live in caves and forests and abandoned houses. They mostly take a form of a young looking attractive lady in order to lure people into their death trap.

This boss could be really interesting. During the level the player would see a spider following the player. Until it reaches the end of the level and then the player would be faced with a monstrous spider lady which will create a massive cobweb which could be used as the battle platform.

Now that I am thinking about it, maybe this game should be more of a TouHou game where it’s literally bullet hell on screen.

3. Teke Teke


Teke Teke is a ghost (mostly female) that is able to run around even as fast as a car can go just on her hands. Whilst she runs around she creates a “Teke Teke” sound which is where these ghost gets the name from. They are mostly encountered in rural areas and roads. The back story behind Teke Teke (at least the most common one) is that Teke Teke got cut in half by the train on train tracks and is now going around killing, cutting its victims legs off and stealing them.

This boss fight or the area for the boss could include flickering lights. With each flicker, Teke Teke will change the positions and will haunt the player throughout the stage.

4. Gashadokuro



Gashadokuro is a giant skeleton which is made of other skeletons and dead bodies. These giants walk around killing people and then adding their dead body to the pile, after draining all of the blood, flesh and organs. They are created from the victims of soldiers on battlegrounds and also from the people that have died of starvation.

By looking at this picture this level could be a level where a player needs to climb to the top of the tower whilst avoiding the attacks of the boss. Upon reaching the top, the player will then engage in a battle with the giant skeleton.



5. Aka Manto

Image result for Aka Manto


Aka Manto is a ghost spirit that appears in public bathroom stalls. The ghost will ask you “red or blue paper?” If you choose red, the ghost will apparently cut you up until all of your clothes turn red. If you answer blue, the ghost will strangle you to death until your skin turns blue.

For the boss fight, I could have the ghost change colours from red to blue after a specific period of time. The boss will also cast a curse on the player, turning them red or blue. If the player is the same colour as the boss, the boss will be able to take damage. If the player is the opposite colour as the boss, the player will instead heal the boss by damaging it.

6. Tsuchigumo

Image result for Tsuchigumo


Tsuchigumo is spider which has a body of a tiger and a face of a demon who feeds on travelers. ‘Once there was a warrior that has killed a Tsuchigumo and 1990 skulls fell out of its belly.’

This could be a stage where a player is riding on a wagon and is being chased by this spider.


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