New Media Essay research

For the past few days I have been… how do I say it, stressing about this essay because I have only ever wrote one essay in my entire life which I never got any feedback on! So… yeah… I do hope that I will be able to talk to Sally tomorrow and sort everything out. We have to write about new media which I guess it is about gaming, and I do want to write about concept art and to see how important it is, and how it has developed and helped with the communication skills within games design. After all concept art is about passing on ideas using images which then create something bigger, way bigger which can be a successful game.

Concept art is like I said, drawings and experiments that include ideas which will be more developed in the long run after generating a lot of ideas. Like the pareidolia that I’ve been doing, that is a very good way of generating concepts which then I would use in order to develop them into something bigger.

I do need to talk to Sally tomorrow to discuss things because I am still far too confused  so watch this space!


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