Game Adaptation: Concept Art

We have an ongoing project about concept art and how it is created for games and such. We had to come up with a narrative well… come up. We had to find something that already exists and use it’s narrative and then just add characters from other things into it to create an idea for a cool game. So I am obsessed with Japan and the art style and everything to do with it. So I have been researching into Yokai, at first I wanted it to be one of the main games we are going to be creating but it didn’t get picked so I don’t have to change anything! So! I have chosen the narrative of Alice in Wonderland because of the amount of cool creatures you can find in the film. I am basing it on the narrative of the 2010 film with Johny Depp in it. I need to do some further research into buildings as we have got a task of creating environments for the game. So interior and exterior. I want to do present and past Japan as it fits with the story line.

Seems like we are going to be doing everything when it comes to designing, that being the idea producer, concept artist, visual artist, researcher, story writer, graphic designer, animator, anything you can think of. I think that this is a nice opportunity to realise what it is that I want to do in the future and see what I will enjoy the most.


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