Friendly Robots

I thought I have posted this already but turns out I haven’t! Oops! Sorry. Anyway here are some pareidolia practices that I’ve been doing. My theme was the Friendly Robots and I think I have managed to do it well. Paul asked me to define a friendly robot, like what makes it friendly so I basically said “Any robot without any weapons or sharp edges really.” And in my opinion that is a correct answer to that question as well. I have drew about 20 and then I choose to develop few a bit more.

These are the developments of my designs. The very first one reminds me of something that is supposed to be in a Boulder Dash game or something because of the head gear and also the spikes on his shoes which might suggest that it is good at digging dirt. The second one is like Navi from Zelda. And I do agree with it. This is the futuristic Navi which will be in the newest Zelda game! The Legend of Zelda: Revenge of Navi. “You should have listened.”



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