More 3D!

So lately after the odd 3D Sun I have made (which was wrong by the way) I have been having a lot of breakdowns and then I thought about how I have learned to use Photoshop, and the answer to that was… I never did learn it. I just used it and then it made sense to me. So that is exactly what I have done with 3DS Max, my-own-boxit still is complicated but I believe that I am getting the hang of things. I don’t know if I am a fast learner but I know that I am enjoying it now. This ball thing is a thing I have made in the software and it actually looks pretty neat. The sphere is actually not a sphere its a cube that has been turbo smoothed to look like a sphere. At least it doesn’t have any tris which is good!



food-shopGareth showed us a really cool piece of software which is unbelievably easy to use! It’s the Sketch Up software and I was working on a restaurant design and I had so much fun with it and it makes me happy that I can quickly do these things in 3D!



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