First Game: Prison Simulator! (Sort of!)

On Monday we had our pitching session. Me and 2 other of my classmates have been presenting the ideas to the class and they had to choose which one they want to see being made into a game. We have until May to finish it as well. We had few cool ideas and few bad ones. And few… well not so thought out ideas. And when we were presenting I decided to talk about the Prison Simulator idea. I say simulator as I don’t know what else to call it. It happened because I have been watching a lot of Orange is the New Black lately. It will be a game where you are a prisoner but it will have a story line and it will be first person as well. I want to add some features from the Fable series where every action you take has its own consequences which means that the game is ever changing really. It is a bit of a challenge but I’m sure we can do something with it and we can succeed if we all work together! Which might be difficult since 2 members of the group of 4 are barely even in! Great I know! But the other 2 (Me and my friend) are hard workers so we can try our best to succeed to the best of our abilities! Because it is reading week next week, I can try to work on the ideas for the prison and actually go out of my way really! Because of the Sketch up I can easily do the 3D interiors and such.


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