Video Ideas

We have our proper brief for the Film sessions and these are few ideas I came up with, some good some bad, I want to do something that I’ve never done before. Something way out of my comfort zone! Like a lot of special effects! High Quality Finish etc!

  • The Chronicle – Hand-Held Camera with few special effects. I still need to learn how to use after effects in order to achieve that sort of style.
  • Harry Potter Series – A lot of camera shots and maybe just have a 2-5 minute magic battle or something. Still needs after effects and possibly the green screen which I will learn how to use.
  • A Documentary on Google Sketch up or any 3D software.
  • A YouTube channel like step by step on how to create something.
  • A video blog about uni life.
  • Video explaining pareidolia.
  • A real life Pokémon.
  • A uni horror/thriller
  • Let’s Play (ANY GAME!)
  • Comedy Sketch.
  • President Campaign (Ban the Children)
  • Real life Undertale



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