My 2-5 min video idea!

Soon I will have to start filming the shots for my idea for the 2 to 5 min long video. I have many ideas it’s just that a lot of them require special effects. I can picture it all in my head but… I don’t know how to do it!!!! Let’s hope that our Film teacher is going to appreciate the fact that I’ll be just pushing him to teach us how to use it pretty soon.

  1. Chronicle (spin-off) – THIS FILM! This film is one of my all-time favourite films because it is so cleverly done and I want to re-create something similar to what is going on in the film. The story is that there is a group of friends and one day out on a party they find a weird cave with an odd looking giant stone in it. Then they faint and I think they get nose bleeds and then they gain superpowers. It may not sound like anything special but it is all filmed with a hand held camera and it Image resultis just so cool and it sort of puts you in a place where you realise what it would be like to actually use super powers yourself. I would love to do a battle scene using these sorts of special effects that would last about 5 mins, no context just begins with 2 people standing at different sides of a playground or a park or any deserted area and then it would have people fighting and using powers like, lighting strikes, or telekinesis etc. Maybe it would be about a guy that walks past people and then goes to an empty space and someone attacks him. I don’t think that I would include any script with it either, there would be no talking (maybe) just a fighting scene with sound effects and some grunting sounds when fighting.
  2. Harry Potter series (spin-off) – I mean everyone loves Harry Potter so why not re-create another fight but using wands and special effects. Or! Create a trailer for a new Harry Potter film (spin-off) which would have a lot of different shots and actually a story line. At least I know that there would be characters talking in it and it would be much more interesting when it comes to what is going on.
  3. Pokémon Go (Parody) – A short parody of real life Pokémon go that probably many people have done in the past on YouTube, of seeing a horse that is on fire (Ponyta) or an electric mouse (Pikachu) but obviously making it a parody of what happens in the game itself when a Pokémon runs away etc. But once again special effects everywhere!
  4. A music video, not much to explain on that one. A music video that is well done and just professional.
  5. A comedy sketch which explains the elections in America about Donald Trump and all of that is going on. “We ARE going to ban the children! We will build a wall around them!”
  6. A legend of Zelda short film. Anyone that is familiar with Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time knows about Navi. Navi is this cute fairy that tells you to “LISTEN!” “HELLO!” “HEY!”… yea… it’s pretty annoying. So! Legend of Zelda – Revenge of Navi, the tag line is priceless “You should have listened.”

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