First Game: Orange is the New Black

Image result for orange is the new black


The game that we have till May to finish actually came out of the idea from watching Orange is the New Black. The story is about a woman that gets into prison and it just shows her life and how she is coping with everything that the prison is throwing at her. I really like what the TV show has done with the characters that play a some sort of a role have got their own back stories which put the viewer in their shoes and it lets you know about how they have managed to get into prison. It is definitely something that I’d like to include for characters in the game. Where the side quests will be playable by the player.

I need to create some concepts for the prison…prison-cell

And few minutes later I’ve done it. I am using Orange is the New Black as my influence, if you’ve seen the TV show then you’ll know why I’m saying it.

These are few very quick sketches I have done before I’ve used the SketchUp.


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