Film Proposal

The Legend of Zelda: Navi Strikes Back – This is going to be a trailer for a film. There is a character in the zelda series called Navi which is a fairy that everyone hates because she is annoying and she always goes around saying things like “Hey Listen!” “Hello!” “This way!” and no one ever listens to her. The tag-line will be something on a line of “You should have listened!”

Image result for navi the fairyIt will  begin with Link (Main Character) being in a dream whilst there will be the Zelda’s Lullaby song playing in the back ground. Then a screen with writing will appear explaining the story. (Sort of like in the opening sequence of Kingdom Hearts 1), Link will wake up in a dark room with water like floor where he will be able to hear the faint sounds of Navi talking and saying the things she usually says. She will then proceed to appear but in a human form for the very first time. She will haunt Link’s dreams turning them into nightmares, if possible I will want to try to create something that looks a bit like Limbo levels from DMC: Devil May CryImage result for DMC Devil May Cry Limbo

I will have to work really hard on this because I will need to put a lot of after effects and special effects and green screen work into it. There will be scenes of when Link will talk with his fellow friends about his nightmares and how he can over come them. He will then at one point go to sleep fully geared up, after collecting all the gear in order to conquer the limbo and fight with the Nightmare Queen Navi.

I want to make this a trailer because I want to have a lot of shots in there and I want to set the proper horror mood. I will need to start filming things pretty soon and finding time to do everything correctly.


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