Semiotics Video Games


– PS4
– Game Title (Overwatch)
– Edition of the game (Origins)
– Company name (Blizzard)
– Age Rating
– Female Character
– Futuristic Guns
– Futuristic Uniform
– White Background
– Light blue beam
– Short Hair
– Jumping Pose
– Pointing the guns at someone
– Bright coloured clothes
– Sparks

PS4 – Suggests that this version of the game can only be played on the Play Station 4 Console.
Game Title (Overwatch) – The word ‘watch’ might imply something on a line of taking a watch for enemies, it can also have a connection to a ‘Watchtower’ which is used to look out for enemies and any danger. The word ‘over’ usually means above or that something has ended. Combing the two words together might imply that the enemies have already arrived or managed to break through the defenses which is why now the enemies will have be to taken care of.
Edition of the Game (Origins) – This might imply that there are more than just one version of this game available for the player, or that more versions might be developed and released in the future.
Company Name (Blizzard) – The word ‘Blizzard’ suggests that the company might be dealing with games that are set in cold-like environments. Because the word ‘blizzard’ normally links to an enormous hail storm, it might imply that this company is actually quite big and has already been out there for a long time and is still prospering. It can also implies that it is something that overwhelms people and takes control of everything.
Age Rating (Teen) – This implies that the game is mainly aimed at ‘teens’ which suggests that there is not a lot of graphic content or anything disturbing that might not be appropriate for a teenager.
Main Female Character – This implies that maybe the main character of this game is the person on the front cover. The fact that they have used a female character might portray that the Blizzard company is trying to stay away from the stereotypical muscular male being the main hero. This could also means that the game is mainly aimed at young females as well, or that all the characters included in the games are female.
Futuristic Guns – This might imply that the game is set in the far future, also because the character holds gun it might mean that it is a shooter type of game, or that everyone might be using guns. The fact that the character is holding two guns might mean that she is very skilled and agile which adds to her heroine aspects. Guns also imply danger and violence therefore this game might be focusing on gun combat.
Futuristic Uniform – This once again suggests how far away in the future the game might be set, or maybe it might just be this specific character that is from the future. This could suggest the time travel aspect of either the game or the character in general. Also the design of the uniform looks somewhat similar to an astronauts uniform which could imply the open space factor of the game.
White background – The colour white normally portrays purity hence why wedding dresses are white. Because there is a female character in a battle-like uniform this contradicts the use of the white and simple background. Maybe this suggests the simplicity of the game or it could link to the company’s name being ‘Blizzard’ which links to snow and cold-like environments.
Light Blue Beam (Characters back) – This implies that this might be some sort of futuristic jet-pack which once again shows that the game might be set in the future. It could also imply a some sort of energy leak and that the character has been hurt in a fight since which adds to the violence factor of the game.
Short Hair – This implies that the once again the developers of the game might want to step out of the long hair stereotype for a female. In addition this might also imply the characters sexuality since short hair is sometimes a stereotype for a butch homosexual woman.
Jumping Pose – This links to the dual gun wielding showing that she is agile because she can both shoot and jump. This can also imply that she is dodging an attack or she is ambushing someone judging by the look on the characters face, which is a smirk that might imply confidence in what the character is currently doing.
Pointing guns at someone – This implies that she is attacking someone, either with the idea of attacking someone, or because she is defending herself with a confident look. The look on her face can also portray that the character has some sort of plan or a hidden trick that is just waiting to be revealed before the enemy.
Bright Coloured Clothes – The colours imply that the character might be cheerful character especially because of the Yellow colour as the colour yellow implies happiness. And once again the uniform looks like a battle armor which suggests the theme of this game and also the setting, so maybe a warfare-like game.
Sparks – This implies that the character might have taken damage from something like a laser gun. Sparks also portray the mechanical aspects of things so maybe the character is something on a line of an android or an artificially made human.


– New Nintendo 3DS
– Only for
– Amiibo
– Xenoblade Chronicles 3D
– Enormous structure in the background
– Grassy plains
– Age Rating (12)
– Company Name (Nintendo)
– Red object in a shape of a sword
– A wrecked object
– Bright Colours
– Black box

New Nintendo 3DS – This might imply that the game can only be played on the New Nintendo 3DS. Because of the way it is worded it might also mean that this game is new for a Nintendo 3DS Console.
Only for – This might imply that this game is exclusive for the specific console which is the name of is included on the box for the game.
Amiibo – This icon implies that this game is compatible with some sort of other technology included in either similar games or the consoles. Because the sign looks really similar to the way the word ‘New’ is written, this could imply the exclusiveness of this technology.
Xenoblade Chronicles 3D – The word ‘Xenoblade’ implies that there might be some sort of futuristic blade or a sword in the game. The word ‘Xeno’ can be linked to the chemical element ‘Xenon’ which might imply that the game has some sort of scientific mechanic to it or is based on scientific or futuristic aspects. The word ‘Chronicles’ implies that this is a game with an enormous story line that includes some sort of future and past in the game. It could also mean that you as a player set your own story which implies how big the game world might be. The word ‘3D’ included in the game suggests that this game can be played in full 3D which is something that the 3DS consoles are famous for.
Enormous Structure in the Background – This structure looks like some sort of robot with red glowing eyes. The colour ‘red’ normally portrays danger which might mean that this structure or robot or a vehicle is either evil and live, or has been created by the enemy of the main character. Because it is a robot this can also imply the time of where the game is set, which can be the far future on a different planet that is similar to ours because of the blue skies and green grass.
Grassy Plains – This suggests that his game might be set on earth because it shows the vegetation of the planet included in the game. This can also suggests that there are other lifeforms since the grass can grow in this specific environment.
Age Rating (12) – This suggests that the game might be aimed at young teens aged 12 and upward. This rating implies that there might be mild violence which is acceptable by viewers and users of this specific age range.
Company Name (Nintendo) – This implies that the game fully belongs to the ‘Nintendo’ company due to the absence of other visible companies on the front cover of the game.
Red object in a shape of a sword – This object looks like a blade or a sword. This might link to the title of the game especially the ‘Xenoblade’ this might mean that the blade visible on the front cover is the ‘Xenoblade’ which shows how important the object might me in the game. The design of this object is not something that has been seen before, which implies that the game is set in a futuristic world which also links to the giant structure in the background.
A wrecked object – This might imply that something has attacked this specific object which sort of looks like a futuristic motorbike. This implies the dangers that lurk either with whoever is around the red object or just in the plains which do seem a bit abandoned since we can’t see any lifeforms.
Bright Colours – This portrays the tone of the game. This means that the game might not be scary, also it can be aimed at both genders. It is quite unusual that there is a giant evil-looking structure in the background which contradicts with the bright colours.
Black border – This implies the brand colour for the ‘New Nintendo 3DS’ Games. Just like PS4 brand is blue. This could also imply power and how powerful the ‘New Nintendo 3DS’ are.


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