Game Adaptation: Alice in Wonderland x Yokai

I researched into the plot of Alice in Wonderland (2010 film) and then changed it with the character from the Yokai Japanese Culture.

Alice runs away from the altar
-Follows a rabbit into a hole
– She shrinks and grows until she can open the doors
– She runs into the White Rabbit, the Dormouse, Tweedledum, Tweedledee and the Dodo.
– They take her to Absolem, where he explains things using The Oraculum that she has to slay the Jabberwocky.
– They get ambushed by Bandersnatch and the Cards.
– The Red Queen has a tantrum and executes a Frog-Footman, Queen orders the fish-footman to choke the Frog-Footman’s children.
The Knave of Hearts informs the queen of Alice.
– She sends the Blood Hound to pursue Alice.
Alice meets Cheshire The Cat and he leads her to the tea party.
– She meets the Mad Hatter.
– She meets the White Queen.
Bandersnatch saves her.
Jubjub dies.
Alice kills Jabberwocky.
Absolem in the form of a butterfly meets Alice.

Now I need to change the characters into the character I will want to use in my game.

Alice – Hero
White Rabbit – Kitsune
Dormouse – Ame Onna
Tweedledum – Gozu
Tweedledee – Mezu
Dodo – Yosuzume
Absolem – Ashura
The Oraculum – Old Moth-Eaten Scroll
Jabberwocky – Tsuchigumo
Bandersnatch – Gashadokuro
The Cards – Kappa
Red Queen – Jorõgumo
Frog-Footman – Takiyasha Hime
Fish-Footman – Ningyo
The Knave of Hearts – Wara Ningyõ
Blood Hound – Hakutaku
Cheshire the Cat – Bakaneko
Mad Hatter – Teke Teke
White Queen – Kuchisake Onna
Jubjub – Hõõ

The hero runs blindly into a portal following a fox. He finds himself surrounded by creatures. His adventures unfold when they take him to Ashura.


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