Typography around us

We have been asked to go out and take few pictures of good and bad typography and see how it looks around other things in public.


This is a store… I think at least, called ‘The Hull People’s Memorial’ And the banner is the name of the shop… you can roughly see that the shop next to it at least has something stuck to the wall and it looks more professional rather than an oddly stuck banner that is creased because of the weather. It looks very unappealing.


This is a picture showing the ‘CLEAROUT!’ sign which.. well looks painted or at least like it was done in PowerPoint using the odd comic ‘Pow’ cloud. Next to Crawshaws it just looks a bit bad.


Brookes Outlet. This is an interesting because this is purely opinionated, people can think that this is in fact a good design. In my opinion it is not, because the typography of it reminds me of Sports Direct and the clothes inside look rather stylish.


BAGZBOUTIQUE, this sort of writing like Bagz with a ‘z’ just because they want to be cool does not work for me.


Looking Good. For a shop that sells good-looking clothes the typography looks like a bad 90’s neon sign.


This is an interesting one, for someone with a dirty mind, this might sound funny, although it did took me a while to realise that it is about erecting a scaffolding from the ground.


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