Typography in Games Design

There are a lot of typography in video games, and not many people really focus on them. Although this is what makes games feel more realistic to us because we are living in a society that is sort of lead by ads and you can see some sort of typography in out on the streets every day.

Splinter Cell: Convictions. Instead of handing you mission objectives in a menu, the game will project the mission objectives on the wall so there can be no question on what you have to do next.


Remember Me. The player has access to a form of augmented reality: many items have floating information tagged to them in forms of items and what you can do with the items.


Max Payne 3. During cutscenes, certain dialogue will have their words appear on screen in order to put emphasis on a particular point or character.


Devil May Cry. The environment in the game is almost a character in itself and will communicate with the player by projecting words on the walls or floor.


Far Cry 3. After a story mission, the loading screen will feature quotes from the book Alice In Wonderland, symbolizing the protagonist’s slow descent into insanity.


Deadpool. Just like in the comic books, Deadpool’s multiple personality gets their own textbox which appears in the game.


Lollipop Chainsaw. Zed, one of the bosses in the game, will use insults that manifest as floating words to harm the player’s character.



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