Branding on Characters

steam-dogs-logoWe have been given a task to look into branding on characters. Because I refuse to draw people and I know it is a bad thing because if I don’t draw people I won’t ever get good at it… I decided to ask my good friend Pareidolia for help! I tend to find that with robotic things, this is the best technique to use, probably since I was drawing robots for the task and my mind set is just in the robot world.

img_20161106_233317450 I have came up with a Steam Dog brand which is just a dog’s chew bone and a cog connected to it, it literally took me less than 5 minutes to come up with that and the first character to have the logo somewhere.



img_20161106_233249138Here is DOG-0H, he is not well designed but like I said, it was a quick sketch and I’m happy with it since I want to do concepts more than anything at this point.img_20161106_233259087 He also has a friend, which is a B4TL-DG1, a Battle Dog! (Where do I get these names from?) once again has the brand on it. img_20161106_233311856

And then the last one is GR2N-BU1. It is actually based of a Pokémon Granbull… I couldn’t help myself.


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