captureI was bored… well I can’t say that, but I wanted to take a break from drawing and doing uni work so normally I would play, but this time… well… I wanted to draw something instead of playing games! So I took a pic of my character from World of Warcraft; Phaust which is an Undead Death Knight. Then I have used a bit of pareidolia technique, it took me little time to draw out the whole silhouette and then add detail a bit and then obviously use the fine liner and do everything to make it look cool






This is the pro marker sketch which at first when I looked at it I was like “Oh god… this is gonna be so bad!”


I then started adding the outlines and I forgot about the thing I always do which is adding the odd squiggles here and there for some reason. It’s just a bit of my style.


I then started liking this piece way more and then I thought I finished but I decided to add colour to it, normally I would use Photoshop but I felt like using coloured pencils.


And there we have it! I left the face blank because I couldn’t properly work it out. I will probably do it at some point.


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