3D: Drawing Topolgy

We have been asked to find 3 different pictures, a celebrity bust, fishing boat and a garden gnome. And then we had to draw the topology using the edge flow theory. In general I think I have done an “okay” job, obviously there is a lot to learn about it but for a first try I don’t think I’ve done that bad.

img_20161108_142809688I think that the head is done fine, the only thing that I don’t like is the neck… as I believe it shouldn’t be stretched out and at an angle like this. Although I do imagine her neck being stretched in that position because she is sort of turning her neck… I think… And then her chest I just don’t know what happened. I just hate it, it doesn’t look right in my opinion. Oh and also I tried to lower the amout of polygons as when I started my tutor told me that there are a lot of polys on her nose… which is where I started!

img_20161108_142827369 The boat! Well… beause this object is not oragnic I imagined that it will be more simple when it comes to its topolgy as it doesn’t need to be round in many places to be fair. And the main sides are flat so I think I hit a nail on the head on that one. But I still don’t like it… I guess it’s jus the lines and I might have rushed this one a bit and sometimes it was hard to work out where the lines should go. Maybe working from an image is not as easy as I thought it would be.

img_20161108_142846780Now this one was quite tricky too because it’s a garden gnome so it’s not organic, but my mind probably made it more organic based on the topology but I think I have done a better attempt using less polygons than what I used on the celebrity picture.


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