First Game: Prison Plan #1

I have thought that I should create a plan of some sort which will make things easier when it comes to the designing stage as we do work in groups. So my idea was to create a plan, then assign rooms for everyone and then write a list of the things that can be found there and develop them and draw them out in 3D in SketchUp which then can be transfered to 3DSMax and changed a bit. Thankfully prison cells look the same, it’s just the props inside of it that change. This is not the only design that there will be although that is the one I’ve finished, I am planning on creating more and then decide which one sounds more fun and looks more fun. But with this one we’re all thinking that it will be a prison on an artificial island which then makes me think that we could make this more futuristic which will be more fun to do as drawing people is so boring! Like… ordinary people. But it doesn’t have to be futuristic.

The rooms that are in the designs are:

  1. White Cell (Same as all the cells)
  2. Black Cell (Same as all the cells)
  3. Latino Cell (Same as all the cells)
  4. Asian Cell (Same as all the cells)
  5. Chapel
  6. Store
  7. Laundry (not written down)
  8. Library
  9. Kitchen
  10. Dining Hall
  11. Reception
  12. Waiting Area (Reception)
  13. Visit Area
  14. Strip Room
  15. Store Room (Strip Room)
  16. First Aid
  17. Waiting Area (Warden Office)
  18. Warden’s Room
  19. Common Room
  20. Electrics (Workshop and Main Systems)
  21. Store Room (Electrics)
  22. Staff Room
  23. Head Office
  24. Courtyard
  25. ‘Shoe’ (Basement)
  26. Pshycho Ward (Basement)
  27. Water systems (Basement)

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