The Legend of Zelda: Navi Strikes Back STORYBOARD

1 – A faded in close up of the main character (Link having a nightmare)
Gloomy Lighting (Grey/Dark Blue)
SFX – Zelda’s Lullaby
approx. 10-15 sec. (My timings might be a bit off)


2 – Extreme close up on the eyes quickly opening and shooting out white beams of light which will cause a fade into white.
Gloomy Lighting (Grey/Dark Blue until the eyes open)
SFX – Zelda’s Lullaby plays until Link opens his eyes, then Nocturne of Shadow will start playing.
approx. 5 sec.

At the very end of the song, the drums intensify, I could use that to some extent in my trailer to try and work with the shots to the music.


3 – Words start appearing whilst they’re being said by a female voice “Hey! Listen! Wake up!” Just like the words start to appear in the Kingdom Hearts opening, the key words which are “Listen!” and “Wake” will stay in place after the other words fade away.
SFX – Nocturne of Shadow intensifies
approx. 20-25 sec.


SFX – As the screen turns white that’s when the music (Nocturne of Shadow) fades out and then it plays a bit more quietly in the background.



4. Link (main character) has a conversation with Saria (Friend) about his odd dreams. I will use over the shoulders shot to show the conversation between 2 different people.

Link – “I’ve been having these odd dreams, and they seems so familiar…”
Saria – “What do you mean? Familiar in what way?”
Link – “The voice… that’s what gets me, it’s the voice, I hate to say it but it sounds like… Navi.”
Saria – “But… didn’t she disappeared years ago? What would she want from you?”
Link “…”

Link – “She wants me to listen.” After Link says these words the music intensifies again.
approx. 25-30 sec.


5. Link is equipping the armour that he is going to use in his nightmares to fight off Navi. There will be extreme close ups of him putting his armour on in segments.

1. Battle Shoes

2. Battle Coat
3. Battle Gloves
4. Hat

And then a full shot of Link in all of the armor and extreme close up on his face (Confident face expression, he then shuts his eyes.)
approx. 25-30 sec.


6. Link opens his eyes and finds himself in a black limbo like place on a footing that reflects him and looks a bit like water.

There will be a close up on the hero’s reflection, it will turn black and then it will emerge from the water and engage in the battle with the hero. Before Link manages to strike Shadow Link, he disappears and there is a female figure standing behind shadow link.
approx. 30-45 sec.

7. Shadow Link will disappear and then a voice will echo saying “Hey! Listen!”
There will be jump cuts onto Navi’s parts of body as the Nocturne of Shadow intensifies like it does in the video at the very end. It shows Navi’s face at the end. Whilst this happens, different buildings and castle-like structures start emerging in a distorted way from the water behind Navi. Navi fades away whilst laughing. That’s when credits start rolling in.
approx. 45-50 sec.






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