First Game: Prison Game Project

I have had a helpful chat with my tutor today because I was very panicky about everything last night. I didn’t know what to do and how to start doing things and I didn’t know what needs to be done etc. We together have decided on me foucising on character design for now. My group still doesn’t know if we are creating a side scroller or a 3D game. I personally would prefer a side scroller purely because I am most familiar with it and it is more visual in my opinion as it is not something you see every day in today’s industry. Tomorrow I will have a chat with my group, being one single person! And discuss the things I need to know to help me out further. I will make a list of things to consider when desiging character.

Idea: Prison Game
Theme: Sci-fi, fantasy
Platform: 3D/2D (Not a biggie for now)

We’ve been advised to choose 3 to 4 game mechanics to put into our game to make it less complicated and so that it has a flow.
Game Mechanics to include: Achievements, Quests (Story wise), Combos (Combat wise), Cascading Information (Tutorial wise), Inventory


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