First Game: What makes an Alien?

  • Give your creature the right equipment for the job it’s supposed to do and let your creature use its equipment right.

Basically, if I am creating a police officer, he needs a gun or a taser or something to defend himself, or to help him with being the peacekeeper.

  • Everything about your creature’s physiology should exist for a reason.

If it is an alien that is odd looking, it needs to look like it is using everything about him that you can see in his anatomy/physiology.

  • Ask yourself what environmental and ecological impacts your creature would have in the world around it.

There are questions that need to be answered like “Is this race known for their aggressive behavior?” If yes then it might imply that other races might be scared of it to a certain extent.

  • Keep in mind: If there was ever a ‘perfect’ lifeform, it probably wouldn’t be what you think it would be.

Think of people’s imperfection and just use them in a design to make it more believable and even if it is an alien, more relatable.


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