Game Adaptation: Spider Queen Concept

I don’t even know what to say. I’m just simply embarrassed by what I’m posting right now. For some reason, I thought that I had it all worked out and I thought I knew where I was going with everything and that I had time for everything. But clearly not… I’m just annoyed at myself that I feel like this is the best I can do. It’s when I struggle with 3D, I just get discouraged, but then I know that my concept work is fine. And today, my 3D work was fine but my concepts are just rubbish! Anyway…

I have used the body sprite of character from Grand Chase, and Maple Story, I did enjoy drawing the little characters, although at some points I felt like I was missing detail in it, and… well it shows on the bigger one. For some reason my Photoshop has been playing up a bit and I can’t use the brush tool. I just want to apologise for this quality of work. It’s not the best that I can do, I’m just blocked for some reason.

These are few facial expressions I have done for the character with long hair. I took the influence from the game I’m familiar with and is probably the best side scroller I’ve ever played, the game is called Maple Story.


So I have thought about the whole thing. And I realised that I am basing it on the game I play nearly every day called MapleStory and I’ve got no visual references for it. So over the weekend I will be sure to add some more references and then try to re-design things. I mean the characters that I’ve done at first, the 5 small ones are alright I guess. It’s just after that it went downhill.



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