Game Adaptation: Background, Midground and Foreground Practice

So I have decided to give my little 3 step theory a go! And I am pleased with the results. Of course this doesn’t look polished enough becuse it is a practice piece after all. But I wanted to show the Foreground, being the Spider Queen character, the midground, being the part of the building that my character is standing on, and then the background which are the mountains behind everything.


If I were to finish the building, it would look similar to this:
practice-scene-exampleBut you can see where I was going with it, and I’m glad that I have managed to put my idea across and explore something that I have thought of and it works. So for future work I know what to do, and also the buildings need to have some sort of perspective to them, because even though it is flat, some objects still do have 2 visible sides.

When drawing the midground I need to make sure that I don’t put any fine liner markers on it because I don’t want it to stand out as much as the foreground character.



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