Game Adaptation: Banned Story, explaining Backgrounds, Midgrounds and Foregrounds.

I have just had a quick play on Banned Story with how to do things properly. I did explain most things on my Padlet. Basically, I realised that all side scrollers are made of 3 things. Backgrounds, Midgrounds and Foregrounds.

Backgrounds – Usually blurred out with small to none outline at all, not too detailed.
Midgrounds – Usually clear to make out what it is, No to faint outlines. Detailed
Foreground – Has sharp outlines, very detailed.

I have found all of these sprites and objects using the Banned Story software which is like a giant database for the game that I play called Maple Story.

This is something really simple in order to create a scene. Which in my opinion does look sort of easy to do. The problem is actually being able to draw something like that successfully. I could use this as a base like I am already doing with the characters and then just do it in my own style like I normally do. After all, I am basing my own game on Maple Story which is where I got these sprites and images from. This is something worth trying out to see if it all works using my own designs.

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