First Game: JR-P290


This is a concept of a JR-P290 drone that I came up with for the Prison Game project. As you can see I have included the front and the back of the drone, and also because the drone can feel emotions, his design allows him to show the emotions too.


I also tried to show how the drone could attack (If it will ever attack) by spinning the blades around himself, hence the smudge to show the movement of it. I honestly think that I have done an alright job at that, I don’t do much digital work as I’ve noticed! Maybe I should start doing it since I did really enjoy it.

The drone for the inmates are based of the Ghost drone from the Destiny Game. He’ll be the guide into the game, I’m also thinking that the drone could be the inventory and mini map and the Main Menu itself. When you press the corresponding button to go into the main menu, the ghost will fly into the screen and then expand into different segments which can lead to different menu options.


This is the concept sheet I have done for the drone, as you can tell I have first came up with really quick sketches and then developed 3 a bit further and came up with the final idea.


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