Game Adaptation: Timeline

Life Tree
Life Tree Crown
Mount Inferno
Snowy Peaks
Vortex Lake
Nimbus Castle
Toritori Desert

Tokyo -> Chasing after a fox -> Goes through the portal to another world -> Life Tree -> Kitsune, Ame Oma, Gozu, Mezu and Yosuzume, greet you -> Mount Inferno -> Battle with Ashura -> You Obtain the Old Moth-Eaten Scroll -> On the way back, battle with Gashadokuro -> Life Tree -> Battle with Hakutaku -> Snowy Peaks -> On the way there you meet Bakeneko -> Life Tree -> Teke Teke battle -> You meet the Kuchisake Onna -> Gashadokuro Battle -> Gashadokuro takes you to the Snow Peaks -> Tsuchigumo battle -> Joro-Gumo Battle -> Life Tree -> Kuchisake Onna tells you to find 5 locks to open the portal back to your world.

You have to go back to previous locations and collect the keys (Spider Key, Volcanic Key, Whirlpool Key, Sand Key, Cloud Key)

Life Tree -> On the way to Mount Inferno you fight with both Gozu and Mezu -> Fight with Ashura over the Volcanic Key -> You obtain the Explosion ability (used for destroying rocks and clustered sand -> Toritori Desert -> Battle with Bakeneko and Yosuzume for the Sand Key -> You obtain the Stop Time ability -> Vortex Lake -> Battle with Ame Onna for the Whirlpool Key -> You obtain the Air Push ability -> Nimbus Castle -> Battle with Hõõ for the Cloud Key -> You Obtain the Glide ability -> Snowy Peaks -> Battle with Joro-Gumo -> Life Tree -> Battle with all 5 main key bosses (ghost form) one after another -> Life Tree Crown -> Battle with Kuchisake Onna -> End of the Game.


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