Game Adaptation: Map

These are the quick sketches that have helped me out with my map. I have wrote down how the story would go according to the map. I wasn’t too sure about how to lay everything out on the map so I just had a play about with it and ended up with something from every sketch.

mapThis is the concept of the World Map for the Game Adaptation project. I am really happy with how this all has turned out. I wanted to base my world map of the game that has had a lot of influence on me during this Project.

Image result for Maple Story world map


It was Maple Story. Of course I didn’t make an exact copy of what the Maple Story’s world map looks like, but it is something I was aiming for. I have decided to make my map look a bit weathered since the game play is supposed to be set in the past Japan but with Fantasy Elements. I have also wanted to show that the story has the past and the present. The present being the Tokyo area on the map, and the past being the rest. I wanted to show some sort of time warp or rift made in space that made the main character appear in the other world. map-finished
I have added these small dots that represent the amount of individual maps that would be in the game.  Most side-scroller games have got a linear story which forces the player to go from left to right until you reach the end. For example Sonic. But I wanted to make it a bit more open world so that it would allow the player to explore the areas freely (with the right abilities) in case the player has missed some sort of collectable on one of those maps. I have made the bigger dots different colours to represent a main boss fight in that particular area, the rest of the dots are brown/beige to show that it is a normal map. Although there are few brown dots that are a bit bigger, these imply that there is going to be a mini-boss fight at some point. I also have the same design of a map but made it look slightly more burned. That’s because I had this idea in my head that after you complete the first part of the game (Up until the collection of 5 keys), the game will become much more difficult and I wanted to show that by making the map look a bit more destroyed.


There is a Timeline that I have made in order to help understand how the story goes. Also I have placed the dots basing it on the timeline.








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