Game Adaptation: Final Illustration Concept

I have been working on my final concept/illustration for the Game Adaptation project. I have first decided to do some very quick concepts in my sketchbook to kind of see what I could do and to help me visualise things. At first I didn’t really know what I wanted my piece to look like. So I had in my head something like a front cover that will go on the box of the game. But then I kind of thought of those battle scenes you see in concept books etc. So I wanted to do that. I will possibly create a front cover too since I had this cool idea of using the demon eye and kind of have it in the middle of a front cover of the book. So basically when you’ll take the game out of the box it would be like opening a book, since this game is based of Alice in Wonderland (mostly) so it would make sense. Anyway I wanted to show the battle between the main character and the spider queen in her demon form. The style I went for was a bit… different I guess. I wanted to do a blurry background so that the audience can focus more on what is going on in the image (being the battle). I honestly don’t think it worked too well looking at what the style of the game I want it to be. Maybe if I actually draw the whole scene out with more detail and then scan it in and colour it… maybe that will help. As I always liked the outlines in every single thing, it reminds me of cell shaded games. What if I just draw out the background and leave the characters and objects as they are?


demon-animation-2I have done it all on Photoshop using the Air Brush tool and just changed the flow of it s
ometimes and the size of the brush. I tried to make the demon look the same as what it looks like on the animation I have done. Which I think I have managed to do. The hand or the gun that you can see in the bottom left corner is a doodle that I have done probably some time last year. I’ve never used it for any of my other projects in the past so why not use it now. stormgun
I guess I can try to draw it out now and then see where that leads me to. It might be better than this one.



So I have drawn the background out in my sketchbook and scanned it in. I already like this better than the first one. It’s just those lines that I make. In my opinion they add to the style of the game. final-concept-3

And this is it coloured in. I do like how the carpet turned out but I’m not too keen on the walls and the empty floor space on the bottom right corner. Other than that I do like it a lot. In my opinion it is way better than the first one, and I didn’t even have to draw the characters and objects out, it all works nicely in my opinion.

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To be fair, I prefer the one with just the main objects and characters being in colour. I don’t know why (probably cause I hate the walls) but there could be a story to it that the demon can absorb all the colour out of everything around it. Just a little thing I thought about just now! But overall I am pleased with how it all turned out. The only thing is like I said, the wall and the empty brown space.


I have changed the demon arm, I have took influence from my previous design but this time I’ve drawn it in a different style that I tend to draw most of my designs in lately. I have changed the colours but also made different colour variations. I do think that blue works best as it is showing the battle of good versus evil. As blue colour is mostly reffered to as a good guy colour sort of thing. I am now thinking whether or not I should re-do the demon in my style. Although I feel like I would ruin the effect that I have which is supposed to look a bit like a smudge, or smoke, I don’t think I’ll be able to achieve the same effect with outlines being everywhere.

Now that I’m looking at these colours, I could link it back to the keys, and the demon arm could change the colours depending on the amout of keys you have collected in the game. The colours would overlap creating a different type of colour and powered up weapon for the main character.


This is the front cover I have came up with. I am really pleased about how it all turned out. I was told that it would look really cool if I could turn this into a texture and then create a 3D object and apply this on top of that. I wonder how that would look. But I am really pleased with how it turned out, especially the eye, all I did was use the smudge tool to get the effect. I also had an idea of using this as a front cover for a disk case that I would hand in my work in, although I’m not sure what I could use for the back of it so at the minute I will leave this as it is.


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