Breakdown and Build

Image taken by my friend Jemma.

Today we had to work in groups, each member of the group had to go up and pick up a boardgame in order to then combine everything together to create a brand new game. Our group chose: small playing cards, large playing cards, block puzzles, a game book called “trial of champions”, labyrinth and a roman game.

In this game the counters from the roman game and the cards represented Stamina and Heath – this was easily known by the colour of the counter or the size of the card. You put the ball in the labyrinth and the number of the hole it goes in will dictate which game number in the book you’ll play then you play the labyrinth again, if the number is even you chose the 1st option if it’s odd you will get the 2nd.

Looking back at this the rules were so complicated, no wonder why the other group couldn’t play it as they didn’t understand anything at all. They on the other hand had a very cool idea of a jenga tower mixed with other games. It still didn’t make too much sense but it was fun picking out everything that was wrong with it. I would definitely want to change the rules of our game and we probably could if we had more time to think about it.


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