Ludic Loop

“There have been many a discussion on what makes us addicted to playing video games, immersion, colours, rewards and more. However, it has been recently discovered that one of the most likely is known as the Ludic Loop.

Ludic Loop is a theory which focuses on the way a game is designed which makes the players play it in a continuous loop. Games like Candy Crush Saga are highly addictive because of the craze it can have where for example you can cause a chain reaction to remove a number of candy from the game tiles which then leaves you with more moves to use in order to complete a level. It kind of shows how different moves can affect different things which in my opinion can make the player try different solutions if they’re stuck on a level which makes the player continuously play the game until they get past the difficult point. (Paul Starkey, 2014)

Ludic Loop is also used with gambling as it makes the players believe that if they try one more time they might be able to win something. It seems that players are driven by the need of winning.

This has a clear link to some other theories and theorists such as Mihaly Csikzentmilhaliyi’s Flow theory, Callios Categories of play and Bartle’s player types.(Paul Starkey, 2014)

Paul Starkey. (2014). The Ludic Loop. Available: Last accessed 7th Jun 2017.


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