Personalisation (Customisation)

Altering the statistics of your character in relation to the game the character is in. It could either be altering the stats of an existing character, or it could be making one from scratch. This has been around at least as long as Roleplaying Games, and became a Video Game staple well beyond that genre. (TV Tropes n.d)

The customisable statistics that a player might choose to pick are most of the time the following:

  • Name
  • Visual Look (Face, Eye, Height, Weight, Hair, Hair Colour, Eye Colour etc.)
  • Attributes (Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma, Luck etc.)
  • Job/Class (This is actually more of the battle style a character would have rather than a profession.)
  • Back Story (In games where role playing is an option, for example Neverwinter, you can actually choose a backstory which doesn’t change any in game experiences.)
  • Skills and Abilities/Race (Sometimes depending on a race you choose you can get different abilities, in Kingdoms of Amalur you have an option to choose between 4 different races. Each race provides you with different racial skills and abilities.)

Some people do tend to create their avatars in order to represent either themselves in the game, or the perfect image of themselves. For some people character creation is the most exciting part and the most crucial part as not all games allow you to freely change few cosmetic aspects for free or for low fee using the in game currency which is easily obtainable through monsters and quests. Some games require you to pay real money in order to buy specific items that can allow a one time change.


TV Tropes. (n.d). Character Customization. Available: Last accessed 7th Jun 2017.


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