First Game: Stages

I have been thinking about the layout of things in the game and how it would all work. I decided to do some simple stage ideas using Photoshop and simple shapes to represent different things.


This was my practice, the grey blocks represent platforms that the character can jump on and move around on. The black blocks represent doorways or portal. Blue represents the player and the red circle represents an enemy.



I have decided to create something on a line of a tutorial stage which would explain the basics to the player. It would use the cascading information mechanic as all of the information visible in the image will be shown at the time where a player approaches a certain section of the map. The dark grey blocks represent platforms that the character is free to walk on. The light grey blocks on the other hand represent platforms that the player can walk on but also can pass through them, for example the series of light grey blocks represent steps, the player can walk on them and pass through them to allow easy access. The player can also jump downwards from the light grey blocks as it is shown next to where it says “Press X+X to jump down” The “X” doesn’t represent the “X” key it just represents a key that will be put there in the future after the controls will be thought out. I have decided to keep the blue pentagon being the player, the purple pentagon is a save point or a check point that saves your progress in the game. The yellow pentagon is an NPC that can be interacted with for either a piece of information or a quest. The green block represents a rope or a ladder that a player can climb. I have changed the enemy to a pentagon as well but kept the same red colour.


I have also added a simple boss stage map. The boss is shown by a much larger red pentagon.


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