First Game: 2D Practice

As you can see this is something that I have just made in literally 5 mins, but that’s obviously because I have found these images and I didn’t have to do much with them other than using the wand tool to get rid off the whites and also scaling things up and down.

This is something really simple in order to create a scene. Which in my opinion does look sort of easy to do. The problem is actually being able to draw something like that successfully. I could use this as a base like I am already doing with the characters and then just do it in my own style like I normally do. After all I am basing my own game on Maple Story which is where I got these sprites and images from. (Padlet)

This is something worth trying and later on discussing with my tutor.

This is a post from my other Padlet, I thought this might be useful. It explains how most side scrollers are literally made out of 3 things, Background, Midground and Foreground.

Backgrounds – Usually blurred out with small to none outline at all, not too detailed.

Midgrounds – Usually clear to make out what it is, No to faint outlines. Detailed

Foreground – Has sharp outlines, very detailed.


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