First Game: Races


Human, the master race. For centuries this race has been developing and honing their skills in every possible aspect which allowed them to get noticed by other life forms.

Home Planet : Earth
Life Expectancy: Approx. 71 years

Average Male
Height – 5′ 10″
Weight – 184 lbs
Shoe size – 10

Average Female
Height – 5′ 4″
Weight – 133 lbs
Shoe Size – 6.5human

This was a quick sketch I have drawn, I have used the Human model from the Wowhead just to work on the anatomy and then I thought about using it to show the Human race itself.


Zeyrus, the planet found on the dark side of the solar system of Oblivion. Occupied by the tall grey skinned creatures, the Hex. Most commonly known for their mind manipulation powers. Most feared among all of the known life forms.

Home Planet: Zeyrus
Life Expectancy: 97 Dark Moons (364 Human Years)

Average Male
Height – 8′ 5″
Weight – 154 lbs
Shoe size – 13

Average Female
Height – 6′ 7″
Weight – 110 lbs
Shoe Size – 9

Most of the information is made up apart from the weight and height of an average human. I still need to research into the Robot race and think of a short back story for them.


This sketch is sort of influenced by the Wowhead models too. I wanted to use a Forsaken body and a Night Elf face just to have this sort of Hex race that I have imagined in my head.


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