First Game: Main Character


The main character of our game is a woman that has been put to prison for attempt on assassinating the president of the US, she in fact didn’t do it so she was framed. I wanted to create a hairstyle based on the fact that it is an action game so I was thinking of the practical short hair style. Although since she has been framed she would’t really know that she’d be fighting in the prison etc. I have asked my colleagues about the quick sketches I’ve done, they have chosen the hairstyle number 4 because it seems most interesting. I could in fact add customisation of the hair and maybe the face style to the main character. Even thought it is a story based game, maybe you can have the option to customise the character. For the hairstyle references I have used the Wowhead website which has a Dressing Room tool which lets you look at different hairstyles, faces, races etc. Now that I’m thinking of the customisation maybe the player can have an option to choose the gender as well.

I have also researched into “Badass Hairstyles for Women” I could try and draw some of them for the character and see what it looks like.

Honestly I don’t like the way I drew the faces, I just don’t seem to get it right, I know I am getting better especially at the shape of the head and face but still I need to work on it a lot. I guess I will need to do more because practice makes perfect!

Main Hero

Name: (TBA)
Age: 20-25
Race: Human
Blood Type: AB(-)
Eye Colour: Hazel
Hair Colour: Blonde
Height: 5′ 6″
Weight: 110 lbs
Shoe Size: 6
Inmate Num.: 3743041
Sentenced for: Attempted assassination on the President of US. (11 Years)
Drone Code: JR-P290


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