Services Vehicle: Brief

We’ve been given a brief for the reading week when our tutors will be marking our work. I am really excited about this as I’ve got plenty of ideas for it already. We have to design Services Vehicles. They can be:

Any civilian (non-military) emergency-response or transportation vehicle. Police/Ambulance/Fire/Sea Rescue/Life Guard and even City Taxis could be included.

The vehicle can be wheeled, water-borne or with wings (or just air-borne).


I’ve found this image on Pinterest as Andrew Kim’s blog is rather complicated to navigate in.

I first looked at Andrew Kim’s work as I remember that at one point Gareth showed us these cool designs. Andrew has drew a motorbike using insects as his influence. This has made me thinking about what I could create. And because I am kind of obsessed with Final Fantasy and since the game is going towards the more futuristic look I thought of looking at various animals and using them as an influence for vehicles. Maybe even the monsters from the game itself. And because I do want to make it look futuristic I could also look at the cars that you can find in Dubai, after all that is a very expensive looking city which clearly has expensive looking cars with slick designs. Even thought it is not about cars but services vehicles, when you think about police cars, they need to have cars similar to the ones that can be found on the street used by other people in case of a pursuit. Dubai Police car Source: Dubai Police via Facebook

But I need to set the period/theme/style/game type in my development work. So for now I will keep things open although I do want to use animals as my influence so I guess that can be my theme. But I will see how I get on.

Few Ideas that I have already thought of:

Fire Engine – A turtle looking like tank with a water Cannon on it’s back. (Non-Military)
Police Car – In a shape of a cheetah.
Police/Ambulance Helicopter/Jet – That looks like a Humming Bird.
Police/Ambulance Speed Boat – With shark features.
Blimp News/Advertisement – Shaped like a Mosquito

These ideas sort of remind me of what Power Rangers would do with their Megazords, as they normally represent an animal of some sort but are a vehicle.

I need to be careful to not create different creatures but actual vehicles. As the brief is a Vehicle not a Creature Design. I will look into more artists that have done something similar to what I want to do. Although I will ask my tutor if I can create mount like things for a game, but then it wouldn’t have wheels… So that’s why I’m kind of unsure about this idea still.

After reading the brief I decided to go for a turtle with a water cannon, but then in the end I just realised that I was doing things too soon! I still like how it all turned out, especially the cannon as it has just been a doodle where as I have used an image off the internet for the turtle.


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