Services Vehicle: Andrew Kim

I have been researching further into the work of Andrew Kim. I have chosen this artist because of the style of work he works in and also he has done plenty of vehicles himself especially whilst taking references from the nature around us, so things like insects and animals, which is something that I am aiming for. I did have to look on the pinterest website rather than Andrew Kim’s blog as his blog is sort of difficult to navigate around, at least in my opinion. But it is a clever tool to use as it shows you artists that are related to Andrew Kim as well, at least to his style of work.


In this image we can see that Kim’s style is very detailed and very technical I should say. In this piece it shows how he has designed a futuristic looking like motorbike using insects as his main influence. This is exactly something that I want to do. Even if I just create a mechanical version of an animal that looks like it has been man made.

NOTE: Just asked Gareth about whether or not I can make the animal the main object rather than a vehicle. He said that he would prefer me to focus on a man made vehicle but it can look like an animal, even if I create a mount sort of thing I can still use it and save it for later, there is nothing stopping me in doing that.


Kim also has plenty of works of how he draws cars, there is something that I am noticing with his drawings, I’m talking about the perspective, I can sort of see the 3D cube with a horizon line being made. This is something that our tutor has touched upon, I did have a go at it but only with simple shapes, never tried actually drawing a car or something like that in a cube. So this project will be more than perfect for that, to show that I can use perspective to my advantage.


Here is a piece showing more of the organic shapes. I especially like the first few images as one of them looks like a shark and they just seem to be based off something on a line of a fish/shark/clam. This is something that I have done before as we had this session about organic shapes and how to divide them so that we know where the shadows would go, and how to make a 2D “blob” look 3D.

Here are some other vehicle designs. Some are really futuristic and some look like they’ve been drawn from life. In few of these images you can see the cube work I have mentioned of how Kim is getting his perspectives on point.



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