Services Vehicle: Various Artists

I have been looking further into different designs found on the pinterest website and I’ve found some really cool artists. feng-zhu

This is a design by an artist called Feng Zhu, I remember looking at his work in the past because it looks like it is straight from any of the Final Fantasy games. It is not a vehicle, true but I still love the style of work.


These are few pieces designed by an artist called Gvozdariki (I think, that’s what it said) I really love the style of it, and I was thinking that if I want to go into the mechanical things I could theme my designs on steam punk like designs as I’ve never done anything like that before.


These are some very cool designs by a Deviant Art artists called Hydrothrax. These all look like they have been influenced by some sort of animal, not even airborne to be fair. The last gray one reminds me of how a gorilla stands.


This is a piece designed by a Deviant Art artist called Keith Wormwood. I do like what he has done with this design. It is basically a dolphin (or some sort of a sea creature) changed into a mechanical version of itself. For some reason I want to say that it has been gutted and changed into a robot, kind of like taxidermy but with wires and mechanical things.


This is a design of a ‘Panthera Leo’ unfortunately I couldn’t find the artist as when you go onto the link from the website it says that this doesn’t exist… but I do like the design of it. It is once again picking a creature and changing it into a mechanical version of itself. It does look very Final Fantasy XIII to me.

NOTE: Had another conversation with Gareth, he told me that I need to think about why something is made rather than creating a pretty picture, so I guess I need to show how the thing would work and why is it there. For example, if I will to create a mechanical owl, I will need to think about why it is there and why an owl and not a proper jet. Maybe if there would be a civilisation that has used them before hand but have been found in cave of some sort and used for our advantage, something like James Gourney’s Dinotopia. I thought I had it sorted of what I want to do… maybe when I figure out the theme properly but not explain in in an essay like style.


This is one of the designs that I’ve found by an artist called Robert Chew. You see, that is the sort of thing I would love to do. But it is not… vehicle enough. It’s just a robot that looks like an animal and serves as a cargo vehicle really. I do really like the whole idea, but… why is it there, why has it been made like this. Just to make it look cool?


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