Services Vehicle: Humming Bird Jet

Humming Bird

Transport Jet

I really wanted to create something that Andrew Kim does with the insects, how he takes few parts of an organic like an animal or an insect or a flower and then implements it into a man made mechanical object.

I had an idea of creating a transportation jet in a shape of a humming bird. This is only my first idea but in my head it looks like it has potential.

Brief Backstory:
Animals are going extinct because they’ve been hunted down one by one. The man kind has decided to re-create the extinct animals by giving them a new purpose in their giant form. (Set in a Fantasy Future)

Some practice sketches using the images found above for my influence, this has really helped me with getting the shape right, and actually seeing how I could include the Jet engines and such and mix it with the humming bird design.


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